About Love and Massacres

“We try so hard not to seem thirsty, that we forget how to really feel interested”.

It seems like everyone has to be wide open minded to casual stuff this days; it has become a must to lose all of the hopes and good feelings about love.

Today, most people think that’s something they must really consider in their lives.

It’s like an alternative that people use whenever the whole idea of being romantic and opening up to the realistic feeling of loving and being loved seems boring, old fashioned, or just not worth it.

We all know about more than 10 people who think that they should keep it casual just because of the bad experiences they had at the moment of loving someone so much that it didn’t end well.

They all seem to have good reasons to think like that.

All of the many stories we have heard and told about heart breaks and love disappointments through our lives have turned in negative rubbish that we unconsciously keep in our system to let it go whenever we have a low.

So, you’ll probably tell yourself that you won’t ever fall for someone else because you just chose the “casual” (easy) stuff…

It’s ok. Go for it.

They say the best decisions are the ones YOU make.


Under your own terms. Make sure it has nothing to do with your friend’s opinion or the fact that you just realized the guy you want by your side just wants to be with you without any compromise because he is not “ready”.

Still thinking about it?   Good.

Let’s make a quick exercise that I think they call “The 3-3-3”.

All right.  So, you’re making these casual connections with the ones you chose, you are finally done with the pathetic romance and compromise stuff. You are single and going out with whomever you want, making out and probably having intimate encounters (any type).

How would you feel 3 weeks right after you started?

Really good right? You’re free; there are no explanations given to anyone of your casual modus operandi. The best part? It’s easy.

After 3 months … How would you feel?

It’s probably  ok. You’re still having fun; you haven’t met someone who makes you really interested.

You’re probably seeing new people because let’s face it, casual never lasts.   All of those weekends you get to feel kind of lonely,  you just have to look at your phone, make a few calls and if you are lucky you get some company, if not… nice try.

Let’s go 3 years later…

Do you really wanna keep doing this?

You’ve seen your closest people having tons of experiences you haven’t, because you chose not to take too seriously your connections. Remember?

Who knows? Maybe the girl (casual connection) you didn’t answered the phone last weekend because you had a new “date” that Saturday night  really wanted to see you and have a nice talk with you.  Maybe after that talk (that never happened) you decide you want to know more about the things she likes and spend more time with her.

Those are the things you didn’t (or didn’t want to) notice because you’d been too focused on not taking it seriously, have hopes and being harmed.

Do not make quick desperate decisions right after you had a love disappointment. (Believe me: It could take you to worse things than just a bad haircut).

Do not let a love disappointment define you or your future relationships…

Do not hate love.



 ¿You’re 19 and you don’t know how to use nail polish without screwing it up?

My friend was looking at me in such a weird way.

Unfortunately she was right about it.  Yes. I was 19, i was in college, and my nails weren’t perfect pink as hers.

Don’t get me wrong, i wasn’t a tomboy back then; I was just a girl who instead of spending her early puberty years getting bra’s and learning how to use their sister’s makeup, found an activity that really filled her in so many ways.

Reading was, is and will always be my modus operandi in life.                                                                                     Reading books, buying books, talking about books , even smelling books.

I remember one day when I was 12 years old and my mom even grounded me by hiding my Harry Potter book collection in the closet.  So yes, I know this sounds weird for a girl who was just starting Junior High School, I should’ve probably spent my time making some friends at the new school but for some reason I preferred my books and the interesting worlds living in there.

I won’t lie. Reading the whole time really fucked me up back then, but eventually I got a balance.

The thing here is that everyone’s got a strength in this life.

 I use to think there was some kind of lack of talent in me but eventually I realized that being a reader had nourished me in so many ways.

One of them? It keeps you open minded no matter what.

I won’t say that’s the clue for success at 20´s (I don’t even know which one is) but being open minded gives you a chance for a lot of possibilities.

WAIT! I’m not saying that the ones who aren’t are having a painful life full of failures and bad experiences related to the fact that they didn’t read a whole book in their entire childhood, NO!. We have a lot of choices to make in this life.  At this age, we’ll find out that there’s way more than choosing between doing GOOD or BAD, some of those choices will be the chosen one and it will take you to your goal, If not, then you’ll know next time. That’s how it works in here.

HOW TO SUCCEED AT 21 WITHOUT REALLY TRYING. Is the name of my blog.                                                               As I said, I don’t got the clue to be successful at this age, I mean… Who’s got it?

I think no one has a perfect successful life at this age. We are constantly changing our minds, but we are grownups enough to get to face the consequences of our choices.

So… It seems like I’ll be here sharing my journey.

I hope we’ll figure it out together.